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Dear Customers,

The Israel Tax Authority is dedicated to improving its services for the public.
The Tax Authority information and telephone service center is open to the public and will provide professional, efficient and accessible services on the following issues:




Income Tax:

Online annual income tax reports for individuals (form #1301)
Abbreviated annual report for small business owners (form #137)
Online financial statements (form #6111)
Submit employer statements (856/126) online
Online tax adjustments
Online tax deduction at source




Support for accessing applications using a smart card
Online detailed invoice report
Online annual business merger report
Exempt dealer declaration




Real Estate Taxation:

Real estate information application
Exhibition system support




Work Grant:

Checking Eligibility for Work Grants
Tracking and Handling Work Grant Claims
Explanation on Submitting Work Grant Claims




Online Reports and Payments:

Income Tax Advancements
VAT Reports and Payments
Deduction Reports and Payments
Land Transactions (betterment and purchase taxes)
Administrative Fines (income tax, VAT)
Other Debts (income tax, VAT, deductions)




Excise Tax Returns on Diesel Fuel:

Beginning a Diesel Fuel Arrangement
Check Eligibility for Excise Tax Returns on Diesel Fuel
Report for Diesel Fuel Excise Tax Returns
Files and Safes





Consolidated Extensions
Registering Exhibitions
Handling Power of Attorney
Payment Orders





Services are available at the following phone numbers:
*4954 or 1-222-4954 or 02-5656400, Sunday-Thursday, 8:15 AM until 4:00 PM




Or contact us at the following email addresses:
Work grants:
Excise tax returns on diesel fuel:
Online payments and reports:
Other issues: