Sale of Goods and Vehicles


Sale of Goods and Vehicles


​Naaman provides services for the Israel Tax Authority (Excluding goods seized at customs) for sale of goods and vehicles that have been transferred to the authority's ownership by law.

The goods and vehicles are sold using tenders to which all interested parties may submit a quote for any item that appears in the tender documents and is displayed in the exhibition room at one of Naaman's warehouses.

The tenders will be published alternately every three weeks and the items will be exhibited for three days during which any interested party may view the items and submit a quote.

Exact dates for each tender and exhibition locations will be published in the national press.
For elimination of doubt, it shall be noted that Naaman is exclusively liable for the tenders and sale of goods and vehicles.

Note that Naaman sells goods and vehicles for other entities, in addition to the Israel Tax Authority.

Warehouses' location
​Name ​Address ​Telephone No. ​Fax No.
​Naaman Jerusalem ​11 Bethlehem Rd., Jerusalem ​02-6730806 ​02-6730807
​Naaman Eilat ​Ziv Sonol Gas Station, Entrance to Eilat ​​08-6373807
​Naaman Petah Tikva ​23 Imber St., Kiryat Aryeh, Petah Tikva ​03-9216061 ​03-9216063
​Naaman Haifa ​Alubin Junction, (Haifa-Acre Rd.), Kiryat Bialik ​04-8807720 04-8807727
​Naaman Netanya ​24 HaHarotzim St., Poleg Industrial Area, South Netanya ​09-8853303 ​09-8853144
​Naaman Beersheba ​Ofir Park, Unit 106, POB 17301, Beersheba ​08-6270048 ​08-6450066
​Naaman Ashdod ​Ad-Halom Industrial Area, Haodem St. ​08-8568383 ​08-8568314