Information on Curved Vehicle


Information for Citizens on Confiscation of Vehicles in Absence of the Owner, Due to Owner's Debt


The Israel Tax Authority has recently begun to operate information services for citizens with debts whose vehicles were confiscated in their absence because of debts.

This service will provide information for debtors about the confiscation, allow them to confirm that the vehicle was indeed confiscated by the Tax Authority, and find out where the vehicle is currently stored and who to contact in order to pay the debt.

Following deliberations in the Knesset Constitution Committee regarding the amendment to the

Enhanced Tax Collection and Increased Enforcement Law, the Israel Tax Authority is now required to enforce its authority to confiscate vehicles parked in public locations, while operating a telephone hotline for debtors whose vehicles have been confiscated in order to assist them in locating their vehicle.

The information service shall operate Sunday-Thursday from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM.

Telephone number: 03-7633434
Fax number: 03-7633413