Israel Tax Authority - Enforcement




Israel Tax Authority - Enforcement

Tax evasion is a criminal offense. The tax evader violates the state's laws, and commits a moral offense against each and every member of society who contributes his share and pays his taxes. The tax evader enjoys the rights and public services granted and provided by the state, and funded by taxpayers' money, without sharing the common burden. Thus, the tax offender takes advantage of those who pay their taxes duly. Furthermore, the tax evader steals money from the public fund and harms the state's capability of providing basic services to its citizens.


The Justice hot-line enables the public to assist the Tax Authority in dealing with tax offenders, and to deliver information which may be used to expose the offenders and prevent tax offenses (income tax, VAT and customs) via telephone, fax or e-mail. You can provide details about different businesses known to you, that do not report to the Tax Authority according to the law, hide incomes and work "black". The received information will be handled with all due attention. Please note that emails sent to the justice hot-line are for the purpose of delivering information to the Tax Authority regarding suspicions of offenses against the Tax Authority. We guarantee full confidentiality of your personal information. If you wish to learn more about various related issues, please contact the relevant department in the Tax Authority via the public enquiry system. You can leave a message including your telephone number and you will be contacted soon after.


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