Voluntary Insurance




Voluntary Insurance of Domestic Objects Against War Damages


According to the Property Tax and Compensation Fund Law and the auxiliary regulations, the domestic objects in the residential home of every citizen are insured against war damages.

The domestic objects are classified into groups: furniture, clothing, electrical appliances and electronics, and miscellaneous objects. These domestic objects are insured, without payment of a premium by the citizen, up to a limit, as follows:



​Type of domestic objects ​For a single person For a married couple or single parent​ For each child (up to the age of 18)​ For an adult living with a couple or with a single person​
​As of .01.2014 ​As of 01.01.2014 ​As of 01.01.2014 ​As of 01.01.2014
​Furniture ​21,190 ​36,645  ​7,409  ​10,834
​Clothing ​6,876 ​14,978 ​2,247 ​7,488
Electrical appliances and electronics ​29,635 ​35,921 ​601 ​4,751
​Miscellaneous ​8,861 ​21,266 ​1,950 ​3,899



The law does not provide insurance coverage for jewelry, antics and cash.


A citizen who wishes to insure his domestic objects at a higher value than the one stated in the regulations, can apply to the Real Estate Taxation Offices in: Beer-Sheba, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, fill-in a "Declaration for Insuring Domestic Objects", calculate the additional value of the assets he wishes to insure, and pay a premium of 0.3% of the additional value. The additional value may not exceed NIS 887,033.
The insurance forms are available at the Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Ashkelon Real Estate Taxation Offices.


A receipt confirming payment of the premium must be attached to the Declaration Form. Payment can be made through the Postal Bank in cash only, crediting the account on the receipt.


After filling-in the form and executing the payment, send the completed form with the attached receipt to the Tax Authority – Victims of Hostilities Compensation Department: 5 Kanfei Nesharim St., P.O.Box 1170, Jerusalem
The insurance will enter into force following payment of the premium and confirmation that the declaration has been received.


The declaration form can be filled-in online and pay the premium thereof (make sure that the required addition to your browser has been downloaded to allow entering the form).


Use the receipt attached to the form to pay the premium amount at the Postal Bank, in cash only.


The declaration forms are available at:
Compensations Center, Ashkelon Tax Assessment Officer - 8, Simtat Haplada, Shderot.
Office of the Ashkelon Tax Assessment Officer – 9, Hagvura st., Ashkelon
Beer-Sheba Real Estate Taxation Office – 21 Shazar Blv., Beer-Sheba
Office of the Ashkelon Tax Assessment Officer, Ashdod Branch – "Zimmer Center" 1, Menachem Begin Road, Ashdod.
Tel-Aviv Real Estate Taxation Office – 125, Menachem Begin Road, Tel-aviv
Central Customs Office – 3a Israel Galili St (building 4) Rishon Le'Zion.



Assistance for filling-in the form is available by email application:
MOSHERO@mh.shaam.gov.il (state applicants name and telephone number) 

The insurance will enter into force after payment of the premium.
Keep the form should you need to present it at any time.
The insurance is valid from the date of payment until 31/12 of that calendar year.
The insurance does not apply to jewelry, antics or cash.
It is possible that the actual existence of the objects listed and declared may be verified.




Form 2881 – Compensation Claim for War Damages to Property.
A guide for citizens whose property has been damaged by hostilities.