From the General Director Table


Message from the Director of the Israel Tax Authority

תמונה של מנהל רשות המסים בישראל
The Israel Tax Authority (ITA) is responsible for the collection of virtually all State revenues. The taxes collected by the ITA are used to fund the State's budget and the services it provides to the public. As the Director of the ITA, I would like to highlight the steps we are taking to facilitate tax collection and contend with the responsibilities accompanying this task, as well as the challenges facing us.
The ITA has set itself the goals of boosting tax enforcement and collection, increasing deterrence, issuing accurate tax assessments and intensifying the fight against undeclared capital and serious tax crimes. Concurrently, we are working to promote economically beneficial and just legislation that closes tax loopholes, helping to ensure correct reporting and collection of tax, greater equality and fair sharing of the tax burden among Israel's population, while removing barriers and encouraging growth.
To achieve this, we believe there must also be a change in the public discourse. No longer should tax evasion be regarded as legitimate; rather, it must be understood that the payment of correct tax is the legal, civic and moral duty of every individual in a democratic country, and that tax evasion and failure to declare capital are unacceptable actions that should be strongly condemned.
The ITA, for its part, is striving to improve the service it provides to the tax-paying public, to cut the red tape between the authority and tax payers and their representatives, to enhance the transparency of our activities and to strengthen our service orientation. We are developing better interfaces with the public, based on the computer and the Internet, as well as improving our telephone answering service, our response to public inquiries and the handling of tax rulings.
The ITA's website and Facebook page allow us to interface directly with you. Through these media we are able to update you on professional developments at the authority, on the services provided by it and on your tax rights. You can also contact us via the public inquiries system on our website for consultation regarding any question within the scope of the authority's responsibilities.
Yours truly,
Moshe Asher